Health and Safety

Health and safety is a critical part of the Glen Cove project as we continue to work to address the environmental impacts at the site and improve the environment. National Grid is committed to protecting the public, our workers and contractors and the environment from potential hazards that can occur as part of cleanup activities planned for the site.

Health and safety programs are comprised of careful planning, good communication and effective monitoring of the execution of the health and safety plans. Remediation work is performed by qualified contractors that are appropriately trained and monitored, and is performed in accordance with applicable regulations. Health and Safety Plans have been developed for each remediation activity. Contractors are required to provide documentation of employee training and medical monitoring, and are evaluated based on their compliance with established health and safety plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem?

A long history of industrial activity has impacted soil and groundwater at the Glen Cove former MGP Site. Some of the materials spilled or released in the past are harmful to human health or the environment. The site remediation program is designed to clean up the site so that it can be returned to valuable use in the community, continuing as a LIPA electric system substation.

Am I safe?

Yes. Site investigations have shown that harmful materials are limited to the site and immediate vicinity. Access to these areas is limited and controlled. Groundwater and surface water from the site are not used as drinking water sources. The contaminated soils at the Glen Cove site were identified deep underground and there are no open pathways through which people or the environment can be exposed to them. Contaminated soil has been removed from the site during implementation of the Phase 1 Remedial Action Plan and replaced with clean fill, providing further protection.

What can I expect next?

National Grid and its consultants, with the oversight of the NYSDEC, will evaluate and, as appropriate, modify the existing Institutional and Engineering Controls that continue to assure that the public is not exposed to the potentially harmful materials that have remain on the site. In addition, a Phase II Remedial Action Plan will be developed to identify and evaluate remedial actions to address the remaining conditions on the site.

For more information about the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Manufactured Gas Plant Site program go to: .