About the Glen Cove former MGP Site

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The Glen Cove former MGP site is located near the north shore of Long Island, east of Hempstead Harbor and covers a 1.91-acre area. Property owned by the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is located north of the site and a major highway, Route 107, is located to the west. Also located to the west is the Glen Cove Creek. South and east of the site is a mixed neighborhood of commercial operations and residential housing.

The site has an L-shape, and its overall appearance is bowl-like. It is accessed via a driveway off of Grove Street, which is located to the south of the site. The driveway slopes downward significantly from Grove Street and the residential area. There is a vertical retaining wall constructed of wooden ties 25 to 30 feet high along the southern boundary of the eastern extension of the site, near the existing substation. The northern boundary also has a steep slope, leading up to the property where the LIRR tracks and a health club exist.

The Glen Cove site opened as a gas plant in 1905 under the ownership of Sea Cliff and Glen Cove Gas Company. The site provided gas to customers in Sea Cliff, Glen Cove and the Town of Oyster Bay. Except for the year of 1912, when the site was leased to a company based in New Jersey, it was owned and operated by Sea Cliff and Glen Cove Gas Company. In 1923, however, that company was purchased or merged with LILCO. In 1929, LILCO closed the plant and it was demolished shortly after that date.

In 1998, when Brooklyn Union and LILCO merged and KeySpan Corporation was formed, the ownership of the Glen Cove site transferred to LIPA. Currently, the eastern portion of the site is occupied by an operating, fenced substation that is owned by LIPA and operated under contract by KeySpan. KeySpan personnel intermittently check the status of the substation and conduct routine maintenance and operating activities. The western portion of the site is unused. A paved roadway enters the southern side of the site from Grove Street and extends to the substation.

While MGP operations ended at the site more than 65 years ago, the Glen Cove site still bore the residues associated with such operations. Based on the findings of the Remedial Investigation and the successful recently completed Phase 1 Remediation there are no currently open pathways through which workers on the Site or the community are exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals. Precautions are in place to ensure no pathways are opened during LIPA’s substation expansion project taking place in 2011 – 2012.